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      Flat plate hanging bag centrifuge

      Flat plate hanging bag centrifuge【Specification】ModelFlat plate hanging bag centrifugeSeparation factor(w2r g)Motor


      Flat plate hanging bag centrifuge

      Model Flat plate hanging bag centrifuge Separation factor(w2r/g) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
      Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Bowl Volume(L) Loading limit(kg) Speed(r/min)
      PD800 800 420 120 160 1300 820 7.5 2000 1700*1250*1300(2100)
      PD1000 1000 460 180 200 1200 800 11 2400 2000*1500*1400(2450)
      PD1250 1250 520 420 480 1050 740 18.5 3500 2300*1800*1480(2750)
      PD1600 1600 850 900 1000 1050 720 37 8500 3000*2200*1950(3800)
      This machine is a vertical upper discharge and intermittent operation filtering centrifuge.  Suitable for dry separation of suspensions containing solid particles ≥ 0.01mm.  Equipped with fully sealed openable machine cover, flat machine base, frequency conversion speed regulation.  It can be controlled by program and by far and near distance.  It has the characteristics of novel structure, simple operation, stable operation, full airtight explosion prevention, high cleanliness, low labor intensity, compliance with GMP standards, etc.
      Widely applicable to chemical, pharmaceutical, food, light industry and other industries.  It is especially suitable for pharmaceutical, food and health care industry with high environmental cleanliness requirements and GMP requirements.
      Such as gypsum, copper sulfate, potassium chloride, borax, fuel, animal and plant extracts, pesticide agents, salt, monosodium glutamate, food additives, starch, sugar, chemical seasonings, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals such as copper, zinc, aluminum, metal refining, sludge treatment, sewage treatment, etc.
      The upper discharge centrifuge of the flat-plate hanging bag mainly comprises a base, a transmission structure, a rotating drum, a casing, a machine cover, an opening mechanism, a feeding pipe, a motor, a shock absorber and the like.
      It is designed and manufactured according to GMP standard for pharmaceutical equipment.
      The motor drives the rotating drum to rotate, when the feeding speed is reached, the material is introduced into the rotating drum through the feeding pipe, and when the feeding reaches a predetermined volume, the feeding is stopped and lifted to high-speed separation, and washing can be performed at this time.  In the process of feeding and high-speed separation, due to the action of centrifugal force, liquid substances are thrown onto the inner wall of the casing through the filter medium and holes in the wall of the rotating drum, collected and discharged from the liquid outlet, while the solid phase remains in the rotating drum, thus completing the separation process of centrifugal filtration.
      After the centrifuge stops running, open the casing, pull out the locating pin of the baffle plate, use the lifting mechanism (manual or electric hoist) to lift out the solid material and move it to the designated place for unloading.
      In addition to the widely used clean type, carbon steel type, lining plastic type, PE type, titanium plate centrifuge can be customized according to the needs of enterprises.

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