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      Liaoyang Shengbo Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.

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      Horizontal screw double-stage piston push centrifuge

      Horizontal screw double-stage piston push centrifuge【Specification】ModelHorizontal screw double-stage piston push cent


      Horizontal screw double-stage piston push centrifuge
      Model Horizontal screw double-stage piston push centrifuge Separation factor(w2r/g) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
      Diameter(mm) Filter length(mm) Feed times
      (t /min)
      Capacity (T/h) Speed(r/min)
      HR400 400 160/160 1-75 1-2 2200 1857 11-5.5 3800 2500*1300*1155
      HR500 500 200/200 40-80 2-5 1800 1050 37-22 4200 3000*1600*1200
      HR630 630 240/240 40-108 5-10 1800 1150 45-30 5500 3130*1840*1265
      HR Series Centrifuge is a horizontal piston pushing and continuous operation filtering centrifuge.
      This machine can continuously feed, separate, wash and discharge at full speed.
      It has the characteristics of continuous operation, stable operation, simple operation, large production capacity, good washing effect, low moisture content of filter cake, etc.
      It is suitable for separating suspension with particle size greater than 0.1mm and concentration greater than 40%.
      It is suitable for chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, alkali making, salt making and other industries, especially for solid-liquid separation such as ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, mirabilite, cotton seed pickling, etc.
      The main motor drives the rotating drum to run at full speed, and the materials are continuously introduced by the feed pipe and evenly distributed on the filter screen wall of the inner section of the rotating drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, liquid substances pass through the filter screen and the filter holes of the wall of the rotating drum to be discharged out of the machine through the liquid discharge pipe of the casing, and solid substances are trapped in the rotating drum to form an annular filter cake layer.
      At the same time of rotating at the same speed as the rotating drum, the material pushing disc continuously reciprocates axially under the push of the piston, pushing the filter cake layer to intermittently and continuously move to the outer end of the rotating drum to discharge the rotating drum from the bottom of the front casing.
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