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      Liaoyang Shengbo Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.

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      Blood centrifuge

      Blood centrifuge【Specification】ModelBlood centrifugeWater supply capacity(t h)Motor power(kw)Overall weight(kg)Exter


      Blood centrifuge

      Model Blood centrifuge Water supply capacity(t/h) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
      Diameter(mm) Bowl Volume(L) Speed(r/min)
      75 75 2.2 10000-19000 15200 1.5 300 760*450*1600
      105 105 6 8000-16300 15700 2.2 570 840*500*1600
      125 125 8 9000-15000 15750 3 610 900*500*1600
      150 142 10 10000-14300 14300 3 665 900*550*1600
      GFXB105 blood separator is one type of tubular separator. based on the original GF type separator, this machine has been improved through repeated experiments into a special type of blood separator. it is widely used in the separation of plasma and blood cells from human, pig, cow, sheep, chicken and other blood.
      The main features of this machine are high plasma yield rate and minimal fragmentation rate of blood cells during separation.
      The contact parts of the machine and materials are all made of stainless steel, which can meet GMP requirements of pharmaceutical industry.
      Application in Plant Extraction
      The separation process is an important process that directly affects the quality of plant extract end products.  Some polysaccharide, protein, pectin, saponin, insoluble fluid impurities that cannot be removed by filtration process, and fine particles that remain in the extraction process, etc. in the extraction solution.  As long as the configuration is reasonable and the centrifugal process is adopted, the problem can be solved well, the purification purpose of the product is finally achieved, and the product quality is effectively improved.
      Application in Food Industry
      Can be used for refining edible vinegar and edible oil in oil industry, removing fiber, pectin, insoluble protein, residual pulp and other magazines in fruit juice beverage, making beverage clear and transparent, separating natural pigment, removing impurities and fat in raw material solution, removing honey in sugar industry, and separating beer and yeast.
      The separator consists of a machine body, a transmission system, a rotating drum, a liquid collecting system and a liquid inlet system.
      The upper part of the rotating drum is linked with the flexible main shaft, and the bottom part is a damping sliding bearing.
      The liquid phase with high density forms an outer ring, and the liquid phase with low density forms an inner ring, which flows to the respective liquid outlets on the upper part of the rotating drum to be discharged, and trace solids are deposited on the wall of the rotating drum and are manually discharged after being stopped.

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